Because you think you know

Because you think you know
You hear but do not listen
Quietly, it calls out to you
You ignore its call..

Because you think you know
You talk but do not speak
It speaks to you
You muffle its sound with your words..

Because you think you know
You look but do not see
It sees right through you
You are blind to it..

Because you think you know
You touch but do not feel
It reaches for you
You pull away..

Because you think you know
You live, but do not love
Unable to sustain
It passes you by..



Standing in a doorway, facing what can’t be faced.
Hiding from myself, hidden from life itself

From the darkness, I look into the glimmering light.
Reason is shielded from my sight

Closing my eyes….

Bowing my head….

Opening my soul…

Peering within…

For, through this doorway lays

The trials of my destiny


The chains of my lunacy

Cupid’s Journey

An arrow pierced my heart,
and my heart into the heavens went.
To a day yet unknown, and an hour yet complete.
Waits among the starry sky, where other love’s compete.

No longer guided to stay the course,
love is spent; unaware of its mark.
Still. In the cold vacuum of space, unmoved.
Its vibration left unsatisfied.

I will be careful with your love,
among the arrows in the sky.
I nock this arrow with my soul,
and let it loose into the night.
May its pulse never fade,
though its true worth, may never be realized.