Internet blues

Woe is me, I cannot escape.
The more I try, the more I gape .
At advertisers who portray,
Their goods a plenty, every day!
Every ploy engaged to lure me,
From this curse, I beg you, cure me!
If I could surf the web alone,
I’d be so happy on my own.
Instead, at every turn I find
Another product will unwind
From every corner of my screen
Until it makes me vent my spleen!
Pop-up ads, junk emails, and spam,
Everything that’s not who I am!
All I don’t want, all I don’t need,
The only things that load with speed!
When will I sing a happy tune?
Perhaps when the cow jumps o’er the moon?
Until then, I’ll still be confused.
While I sing these Internet blues!


Last time

Last time I wrote poetry
I was depressed and 16
The shit life would throw at me
Got stuck inside my seams.
In these pants of life
I continued with a fear
These mass amounts of strife
No one would care to hear
But then there came a moment
When rain meant shine would come
The day on bay I spent
A guy I deemed the one
Would melt the blocks of ice
Surrounding the snowballs
That blocked it once or twice
The heart that sank to fall
now gravity felt good
John Mayer knew this not
The feeling that would
Make fools out of robots
Last time I wrote poetry
It was 11:34
My love was sleeping sickly
And I wished I could do more.
From 400 miles away
We connected in our spirits
With love that came to stay
That multiplied in its purest
I prayed for opportunity
Good health and maintained love
A move somewhere near January
Blue stars and turtle doves
To establish independence
To be there for support
Rewarded with some cents
A grown up of some sort
She who followed the voice
Within her heart and soul
For the next time she would write poetry
The world wouldn’t be so cold

My Silence

I try to find the words that we all are afraid to say.
I understand what isn’t said,
And that makes me distinct among different people.
I confide in others,
Who only confide our confidence with everyone else.
So I choose to stay silent.

The passion,
The pain,
The anguish you bring.
My wisdom is here but it stays in me.
I can’t say what I wish,
For the fear of it being heard.
For everyone to know the real me,
Even if I don’t utter a single word.

The confusion you cause,
The way I don’t talk,
Points out all my flaws.

The questions you flare,
The rumors you start,
The rumors you bear.

My silence is my weakness,
I’m the only one who knows that.
That is, until I break and end up confiding in private.
Confiding in private what soon will be broadcasted to everyone.

My Silence. Still silent.

The Soul

The soul laments,

Frozen by the cold,

For in the thick night,

Of a belated spring.

The euphoric music,

Won’t be able to arrive,

To the soul that love,

The very same song.

The everlasting ambit,

As bitter as it were,

Will never let them cherish

The same music that they love. 

The Song that Plays Inside My Heart

Every morning it awakens me
A soothing tune with every beat
It does not change, it stays the same
A sweet melody on repeat
I open my eyes and it gives me drive
It fuels my fire as I strive
It’s a sound of comfort and security
A feeling of love surrounding me
It gave me strength when I was weak
The volume increased, the lyrics speak
It took me a while to figure it out
But now I know what it’s all about
I open my heart and I take heed
I let the tune guide and lead
It keeps me warm when the world gets cold
My shelter, my shield from things untold
It never gets old or skips a beat
It lifts my spirits and makes me complete
It is how everyday ends and how every day starts
With “The Song that Plays Inside My Heart”

Life Sucks!

When I got enough confidence,
The stage was gone.
When I was sure of losing,
I won!
When I needed some people the most,
They left me.
When I learnt to hide my tears,
I found a shoulder to cry on.
When I was busy,
I got friends.
When  I mastered the skill of hating,
Somebody started loving me.
When I started loving,
Somebody mastered in “hating” me.
After waiting for dawn,
I fell asleep..
and the sun came out.
That’s Life
and at times
it can suck!


Raindrops dancing on warm pavement
Creating flowing veins into crystal clear rivers
Diamond dots splashing decks changing color patterns
Choreographing intricate dance steps to nature’s beat

Raindrops in passionate love affairs with thirsty leaves
Smothering with gentle caresses and cool kisses
Cloaking them in clothes of welcoming moisture
Changing their colors to a more vibrant green

Raindrops chasing birds and insects for cover
Chipmunks scurrying for cover in dark holes
Flowers greedily opening petals for wet kisses
Rocks sensually shedding their dusk cloaks

Raindrops fall in changing patterns in harmony
With a gentle rolling warm breeze
Swaying trees becoming more intimately acquainted
Bringing a new cleanliness and feeling of rebirth