The other

The Other in the mirror 
For a while 
I have been caught in another realm entirely 
And she is drifting… 
But she calls to me 
In muffled darkness 
She says 
You are not seeing clearly 
She says 
You are walking as if in a dream 
Only half there 
Call it love 
But are you living? 
Memories of independent dreams 
Can no longer be reached 
The landscape of my mind 
Has since then dramatically changed 
But the Other in the mirror keeps looking back 
And reminds me constantly. 
She says 
Brace Yourself 
For the day 
When you will fly away 
When you will have to live again 
Brace yourself 
Because though you think you have weakened 
You will learn to become me 
Once again

When POETRY speaks…

As the whippoorwill,
In a breathless void,

I reach for my quill,
And from it, if you will,
Come the words I’ve sought to avoid.

Fleeing and broken
From the lips when spoken,
Yet through the pen only proof

That poetry flows
From the source of the soul
And speaketh a tongue called truth.

Look Inside

You shouldn’t be afraid 
of what is to come 
You should be afraid 
of what you’ll become 

Your silence is what 
keeps you forbidden 
From your kingdom 
that is hidden 

Let your thoughts 
express your colors 
Soon it’ll spread 
from one to another

Tik tok goes the clock on the wall

Ironically, i wrote this during, and about my english class..

Tik tok goes the clock on the wall
I think i’m right and i speak for us all
this class in pointless, boring, and dull
Tik tok, goes the clock on the wall
In and out, heavinly breathing, half the class in unwakeably sleeping
Tik tok goes the clock on the wall
Across the room what ailes us all is the tap tap tapping of a pencil against the wall
Crick crack i popped my back and i lack the patience to sit through
This who what did what teachers shpiel
Tell me kids how’d it make you feel?
Tik tok goes the clock on the wall
Rabble rabble, her coninuous babble causes pain to the brain like a knee to the gravel
She’s wrapping up, we’re almost done, soom we’ll all be outside in the sun
Running. laughing, having fun
But untill that bell has finally rung
We sit and listen, to this classroom symphony
And stare in awe, at the tik toking clock on the wall

Darkness be my friend tonight

Darkness be my friend tonight 
Although I walk in your Darkness 
May Peace and Love 
Be my guiding Light 

 Darkness Be my pillow 
Allow me to lay my head down 
And let me sleep in the coolness of your shadow
In the silence of your deep Devine 
When things go wrong 
And life turns rough 
And no one is thinking of me, 
I close my eyes, 
Open my heart 
You’re the angel that I see 
Darkness be my friend tonight 

Page to be Turned

Floating in an ethereal bliss,
eyes closed to the sound of night.
Falling stars dance around me and miss,
illuminating the etches of my mind in light.
Wrapped in rainbow clouds in the mist,
comes a vision so clear.
Images of destroyed cities glists,
shattering my peace with replacing fear.
Time stands still and the air tightens,
standing among stagnant life that remains.
Senses tingle and heighten,
as the decay poisons the heinous plane.
The darkened sky is a glow,
thousands of twinkling light.
Crashing thunder bellows,
as a sea of mushroom clouds foretell the plight.
Hit by a tsunami of inferno,
matter breaks apart.
Incinerating… even internal,
who knows when this will start….
Jerked back to the ethereal sight,
from a vision so painful it burned.
Is this fate? or our plight?
Is it time for our page to be turned??

Dear Paper

Dear Paper,
I am writing this letter on you,
knowing you will receive it.

With the coming of technology their
will be less intercourse between us then
there ever has. I will be 
left to rust and you will yellow with age.
We will become the forgotten tools 
Of man
Your Pen Pal

A very sad tale

Packed so tightly 
Very little room 
There are many
In this small tomb 
May be related 
Look all the same 
Their faceless heads 
None with a name 
When required
One will disappear
An awful sound
You will now hear
A puff of smoke 
The distinctive smell 
Ending will come
In a flame like hell
Keep disappearing 
Until there is none
Survivors I doubt 
There will be one 
Maybe your heart
This now captures
A very sad tale
Of a box of matches

Big Difference

The Boss drives his men,
The Leader inspires them..
The Boss depends on authority,
The Leader depends on goodwill..
The Boss evokes fear,
The Leader radiates love..
The Boss says “I”,
The Leader says “We”..
The Boss shows who is wrong,
The Leader shows what is wrong..
The Boss knows how it is done,
The Leader knows how to do it..
The Boss demands respect,
The Leader commands respect..

Weird Life

As the clock ticks – life slips.
Fleeting, fading towards an inevitable end.
We must cherish the time that is NOW,
for tomorrow is uncertain and yesterday is like an instrument without sound; WORTHLESS.

Unplug and give love a chance,
believe in something and take a stand;
otherwise diminish without rememberance.
Think not only of ourselves but of our future descendants inheritance.
Friendships are certainly seasonal,
and those with any meaning take a lifetime to achieve;
family is all that we need.
If belief is based on what we see,
then reality is equivalent to a dream,
which would make waking up relative to falling asleep.
What a weird life indeed!


With my pen, I gouged his eyes out 
He has been blind to my hurt , so 
This bloody mess is worth the work 

Grabbing his tongue I cut it off 
No more deceptive stories will this bastard tell 
I poured poisonous ink down his throat as well 

Stabbing him in the center of his being 
I cut out his paper heart 
He has been faking his emotions from the start 

Lastly , I cut off each of his hands 
He won’t be able to write anymore lies 
I let out an evil laugh as Poetry dies 

turn and walk

I cant stand on my own two feet.
But my mind wont give into defeat.
I hate to admit when im broken inside.
You’ll never hear the truth, you’ll only see me cry. 
I dont like depending on someone else.
I want to do everything all by myself.
I hate to say it but i need you right now.
But i dont blame you for leaving, im just a let down.
Honestly though im weak, weaker than you think.
I try my best to float, but im beginning to sink. 
I dont know why, but i cant do this alone anymore.
I wish you still needed me, like you did before.
I pushed you away, you were wise to turn and walk.
But i miss you alot and my thoughts are growing dark.
Maybe this was intended, ive lost my way for sure.
I just dont want to need you as much anymore

twister in my Mind..

The twister swirling in my mind,
Head me to my destiny like a blind.

The descisions that i make,
The path that i take,
Its just as seeing a  dream,
but awake.

Its journey like waves going up and down,
I am scared but I have no frown.

The shore i’ll reach ,
Is not on the beach,
But is on heaven clouds… 

“This was the first poem i wrote..”

Inspirations from Nature

Nature, the storehouse of all ideas and the mother of all inspirational resources, has inspired poets, painters, musicians and even scientists for centuries. The beauty, the wisdom and the ingenuity that inspired these distinguished people to create masterpieces is available to each one of us too.

In course of river, in the life cycle of a butterfly and even in a tiny seed… nature has messages of inspiration.
The birth of  plant is one such inspiring event – the root and shoot of a germinating seed exert considerable force to burst open the seed coat and break through the hard ground to begin its way through the soil, the inspiration nature sends us is that the..

Roots of SUCCESS are formed through hard work’

One of the most inspiring phenomenon in nature is the transformation of a caterpillar to a butterfly. Through  the transformation of a tiny insect that once crawled to a brilliantly coloured creature that can fly, nature gently unfolds the message..

Good things come to those who WAIT

and inspires us to persevere.

Each time a seed drives its way through the soil in order to survive, each time a river overcomes a big rock on its path, each time a wiggly caterpillar transforms itself into a beautiful butterfly, nature is inspiring you to excel. The next time you want to be inspired, all you have to look deeper into the nature and hear the secret messages nature sends.